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"Palet d'or", meaning "golden disk" in French, is a round medallion shaped chocolate decorated with gold leaf that is very popular in France. It became the world mark of the legendary French chocolatier, Maurice Bernachon, after he adopted its spirit and started making it.

The theme of "Palet d'argent" is the Japanese tea ceremony "Cha no yu". We created this innovative chocolate to contrast with our traditional Palet d'or. Without using cream or butter in the ganache, it makes full use of the taste of green tea. The addition of homemade chocolate made from cacao beans further increases the depth of flavor. We offer two kinds, the bitter "Noir" and the milky melt-in-the -mouth "Lactée".

Using the finest Japanese sake, "Dassai 23", with its rice-milling ratio of 23%, and its exquisite balance of flowery aroma, rich flavor and tart acidity.

Noir : A bitter style with the distinctive sweet aroma of rice
Lactée : A milky style with a subtle accent of salt

Tasty Chocolate that's good for your body
"Tasty Chocolate that's good for the body" an effective collaboration, combining 100% cacao and constituents from the edible bird's nests of swiftlets that are considered good for health and beauty. Using maple syrup and honey instead of sugar to sweeten, soymilk instead of fresh cream and high quality sesame oil instead of butter, making all the ingredients healthy. Selecting only high quality cacao from different areas for their varied flavors and incorporating nano-type lactic acid bacteria. Nano-type lactic acid bacteria are a high concentration nano-type lactobacillus, which has been sterilized and powdered. The ultrafine particles can be easily adsorbed into the body and a single piece of the chocolate contains 100 billion bacilli. Eating a piece of this chocolate every day helps supports a healthy life.
The chocolate's coating contains traces of sugar-
·Peruvian cacao: Mild taste
·Malagasy cacao: Sharp taste
·Venezuelan cacao: Slightly bitter taste
·Ecuadorian cacao: Balanced sweetness and sourness

Tasty Chocolate that's good for the body QH Premium
Taking the concept of "Tasty Chocolate that's good for the body" a step further by adding reduced coenzyme, which is essential for anti-aging, we offer a high quality chocolate with health and beauty-promoting benefits. We also use maple syrup and honey instead of sugar, soymilk instead of cream, and high quality sesame oil instead of butter.

Sweet, simple, beauty secret

100% cacao
To maximize the effects of the polyphenols, the chocolate is made from 100% Latin American cacao that has a robust flavor that you never get tired of eating.

Edible bird's nests of swiftlets
We have added constituents from the edible bird's nests of swiftlets, which have been long attracting attention in the fields of health and beauty. (Function of sugar chains)

Nano-type lactic acid bacteria
A high concentration nano-type lactobacillus that has been sterilized and powdered is used. A single piece of the chocolate contains 100 billion bacteria.

Reduced coenzyme Q10 (QH)
Coenzyme Q10 plays an essential role in maintaining health and youthfulness. Each piece contains 50mg of reduced coenzyme Q10 that works directly on the body.

Chocolate and functional ingredients are the most effective combination.
Chocolate not only contains cacao polyphenols that have strong anti-oxidant power but it is also an excellent food that is rich in dietary fiber, which slows absorption of carbohydrates. Also included for anti-aging are reduced coenzyme Q10 and lactic acid bacteria. A chocolate that helps everyone, from youngsters to the elderly to become healthy.
Doctor Takeshi Kurihara

Director of the Kurihara Clinic Tokyo, in Nihonbashi. A former specially appointed professor at Keio University, and former professor at Tokyo Women's Medical University. He is an advocate for the improvement of fatty livers, useful in the prevention of metabolic syndrome. He is also an advocate for the improvement of blood flow and places an emphasis on enlightenment about preventative medicine and supplements.